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Volumetric Video – People love entertainment

Volumetric video and entertainment

Who doesn’t love entertainment? However sometimes it happens that we cannot do as we wish – the concert we dreamed about for a long time is in another side of the world and it is too expensive to fly out there or work schedule takes over and you are not able to attend. Seeing that particular concert while watching it on TV or YouTube doesn’t give that sensation as being there live. It seems disappointing and sad that some things can not be achieved from comfort of your home. Is it really impossible?

There is a solution which for some sound even more crazy than just “volumetric video” and it is called volumetric video live streaming. Volumetric video is a videos that allow to capture things the way they are and that means – in 3D.  This allows you to capture the moment as volumetric video and share it on the Web, Mobile, VR and AR. So when we add live streaming to it people start turning their heads around and some raise questions about amount of data being live streamed and compression. 

Volumetric video performance in virtual reality


Live stream your concert to every corner of the world – create new experiences!

 EF EVE™volumetric video software which allows real time volumetric video streaming and capture suggest just that. They use simple 3D sensors to capture people in real time and stream it live into Web, VR and AR. I have tried it my self and it is impressive that there was close to no latency. I have used 2 Kinect V2 with automatic calibration. 

It made me think that once this tech takes off there will be so many different applications like

Possible Use cases for volumetric video live streaming

  1. Want to attend a performance ? Not a problem – using volumetric video you could put your VR or AR glasses and attend live or walk through a recorded experience. And yes, it would feel like an individual concert. I do not think that I could find anyone who has never dreamed about being in the same room as the diva of their dreams. No crowd, no screaming, no interruptions to enjoy the show – you are in the first line and enjoy your own personal concert. 
  2. We enjoy to watch other people’s work – we follow their Vlogs on Youtube and enjoy their created content but what if that content would be in volumetric video? This would be the king of the content. That would be a chance for influencers to stand out in the crowd and create volumetric videos in various environments to keep their audience entertained!
  3. Meeting dancing or yoga instructor in virtual reality a few years ago seemed a little bit unrealistic, but now it is possible. Live stream or record your class to every place of the world – better learning experience and bigger productivity guaranteed!

No limits for learning new things – dancing instructor could teach how to dance while staying at home and using EF EVE™ camera app to live stream her dance moves to her students across the world.

4. Universities could also take this chance – professor from New York could teach in London with no need to travel. Being in the same room as the teacher would motivate students to learn more and keep their attention for a longer time. New modern learning activities would attract more students and even lecturers to universities that apply this new way of learning and teaching worldwide.

Live stream of seminars and lectures in VR would increase productivity of listeners

What was the first thought that crossed your mind ? 

Creative and engaging content is the key for better performance ratio and now it is the time when there is so much information and entertainment that people are getting bored – they  need something original and unexpected. And yes – volumetric capture could be that exact instrument to keep public interested!

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