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Volumetric Video Calls – using EF EVE™ live-streaming

Volumetric Video Calls

Volumetric capture is not just a recorded content. Volumetric video can be lived stream.

Communication is one of the basic human need – we interact with others in normal face-to-face conversation; we connect in written forms: Messenger, SMS or even paper letters; we call through a mobile phone or, finally, we do a video call via Skype or FaceTime. People feel the urge to communicate and they will always find the best ways to do that, as it is considered as important as breathing to some.

In 20th century Antonio Meucci invented the telephone and Alexander Graham Bell developed it to be used in practice. It was a fascinating invention for people to reach out to each other in a faster way. Yet, hearing only the voice from the other side of the wire could not make the communication as fulfilling as people desired – they needed visual information. In 2003, video calls via Skype emerged letting people stream themselves so their friends or family members could see them as they look. It was a huge change in the world of communication, even though it was quite limiting – 2D view and most of the time seeing only the face of the companion could not give the sensation of a real-time conversation.

However, after 15 years, do video calls feel as engaging and giving the natural feeling as having  face-to-face conversation? Many of us would say ‘no’ and the reason is simple – we all want what is real, or at least, would feel like a real-time thing. And for those, who wish for an engaging way to communicate without geographical boundaries – 21st century offers a solution that is called ‘Volumetric Video’.

Evolution of communication tools.

How would it feel to make a conference call from San Francisco to partners that are located in Tokyo but not through Skype video call, but in virtual reality? Remember Star Wars holograms? EF EVE™ made that reality!

EF EVE™, co-founded by siblings Ieva Stelingyte and Agnis Stelingis, is a volumetric capture and platform for volumetric video content creation – everyone is capable to record themselves in 3D format and share recorded or live events. In order to create a volumetric video, there is no need for huge equipment: only EF EVE™  camera app, 1 or 2 Azure Kinect, Xbox Kinect v2 or Intel Realsense and  a single computer will do the trick. Just with that everyone is enabled to stream themselves into Web, virtual and augmented reality . And the best part – no green screen is required!

Volumetric video calls – new and engaging communication form.

To some people it may seem like an unrealistic possibility to talk with their loved ones as if they are in the same room, however, EF EVE™ proves differently and makes volumetric video calls no longer a dream because the future is now and is accessible to everyone. $39,99 – that is the monthly personal subscription of EF EVE™ camera app, which will give an opportunity to create volumetric video calls and to engage with people in the real-time experience. Possibilities are limitless – volumetric video calls with beloved ones, live stream meetings with colleagues from another side of the world, coaching or even sharing the room with yoga teacher.
Another feature that EF EVE™ offers to their clients, is a presentation tool. Not only it is accessible to make a real-time conference in different continents, but also EF EVE™ presentation tool allows to share main ideas or showcase the product while streaming in a volumetric video call.

Multiple environments enable more interesting outcome of presentations also as it is possible to add as many holograms as needed. Too big or too small? Not a problem as with editing tools it is available to put holograms everywhere and change their size or position without any consequences to the quality of holograms.

EF EVE™ presentation tool with multi-holograms function.

Benefits of creating volumetric videos are enormous: from the real-time experience to the reduction of expenditure as volumetric video calls let people stay present with events that are shared with them, even though they are not in that particular meeting as they are not even in that country in which meeting takes a place. That prevents long and tiresome business trips that often cost too much for companies.

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Welcome to the future!

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