Bringing Volumetric Video closer to everyone


Recently celebrated a launch party on June 28, Volograms is a new, but fastly approaching technology startup of Volumetric Video. Their mission is clear – to bring reality capture closer to everyone. Using a set of videos taken from different viewpoints, this technology transforms them into volumetric holograms. Actually, the company calls them Volograms.  After the capture,  recordings can be enjoyed in virtual and augmented reality. Furthermore, this system works with different camera configurations, outdoor or indoor scenarios. It can even generate content with videos captured with handheld consumer devices!

Volumetric Video Capture studio Volograms co-founders
Volograms’ launch party


Perfect timing for Volumetric Video

Postdoctoral researchers Jan Ondrej, Konstantinos Amplianitis, and Rafael Pagés appointed a year and a half for researches before taking actions. Firstly, researches were done at Trinity College Dublin. Results were great, so the next step was to do a market research. In a favor of Volograms, the outcome was positive. The team did not hesitate and lauched their company in June, 2018.

Prof Aljosa Smolic is also one of Volograms founders. After many years at Disney Research Zurich, Professor came to Dublin. His main goal was to start a brand new research lab  V-SENSE – which main focus is visual computing and creative technologies. Research within V-SENSE in the area of Free-viewpoint Video lead these pioneers to start looking for potential clients and investors. Afterward securing their seed round from Atlantic BridgeJan Ondrej, Konstantinos Amplianitis, and Rafael Pagés officially left Trinity.

Volograms address entertainment market

The main focus of Volograms is the entertainment industry.  Volograms offers their clients multi-view indoor and outdoor capture with different camera configurations. More to add, their company also offers immersive AR/VR production and applications for different HMDs and mobile. This is amazing as it shows Volograms’ flexible approach to their clients. Important notice –  Volograms has already worked with other companies in this sphere to help them improve the experiences with Volumetric Video

Quote about Volumetric Video by co-founder of Volograms Rafael Pages
Rafael Pages

Volumetric Video is the promising industry

“We think volumetric video will shape the way we communicate in the future,” one of Volograms co-founder, Rafael Pages, stated in the interview. “We strongly believe that AR will be the next computing platform, but for this to happen there has to be more, better, and easier ways to capture reality. Volumetric video technologies will solve this problem.”

Volumetric Video has a promising future. According to Volograms, immersive entertainment can include photorealistic actors, training, events broadcasting, and even cultural events. Moreover, the telepresence will be the way we communicate in the near future. The possibilities of Volumetric Capture are limitless!

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