The magic of Volumetric Capture


Holosee states: “we will completely change the way we view content”. Once the paradigm shift to spatial computing will be complete and the technology will reach mass adoption, the new medium for the content will be Volumetric Capture. Advertising, Music, Education, Telepresence, Health, Gaming, Holomemory (storing memories in AR holographic form) – Holosee believes that Volumetric video technology will have a huge impact on these industries.

Holosee has developed an end-to-end solution for capturing, generating and streaming photorealistic holograms of real people to Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Users can watch recorded content or interact and communicate in real-time using the live-streaming version with real-size holograms in their own room. In cinema, the human mind recognizes the image of the actor as a true reflection of the person. When it comes to 3D models and computer-generated images, the mind, at a subconscious level, recognizes that the image is not a true reflection of a human being, but a 3D model of it. Holosee plans to solve this by offering a tool that creates and streams high definition holographic content, using a different approach than classic computer-generated images.

Volumetric Video capture technology holosee
Holosee – photorealistic Augmented Reality holograms

Passion for Volumetric Capture – from childhood movies

Andrei Boruzescu and Ispas Alexandru Aurelian have started Holosee in 2015. The first tests were building an improvised studio in Ispas’s attic. Afterward, the first prototype was built at the Politehnique University In Bucharest. And this lead Holosee team to expansion – Lurie Chischiliov joined the group. In addition, he successfully brought an angel investor that allowed the company to take the next steps. Right now Holosee team has 5 people and is planning to expand their organization really soon.

Holosee co-founder Andrei Boruzescu admits that passion for Volumetric Capture he gained from Sci-fi movies from his childhood: “I remember when we were kids and we used to watch a lot of Sci-fi flicks. Most of the movies envisioned the world where you could seamlessly interact with holograms – and it was magic. Now to be a part of this project, it’s a little bit of magic in itself!”



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