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Just imagine – you fully step into another world where you are surrounded by music and the artists. In the chosen environment, performers are your size holograms and are playing in front of you and it even seems that all the show is dedicated personally to you. The immersion is intense and indescribably emotional – this is how HOLOOH imagine modification of the way we experience the music. And that is what they are offering with their Reality Capture.

Fashion, entertainment, and education – that is the market, for which HOLOOH product serves. The company generates ultra-realistic human holograms for augmented, mixed, and virtual reality applications or 3D video player. Launched at the end of 2016, HOLOOH has a  core funding team members of 3 in different cities: Aymeric Delaroche-Vernet, CEO based in Paris; Ursula Delaroche-Vernet/Stroetzel, A&R, creative direction; based in Los Angeles; and Edmond Broyer, CTO based in Grenoble. HOLOOH reconstructs real people 3D holograms performing in original flowing motion thanks to its partnership with INRIA Grenoble.

So what is Volumetric Video in the terms of HOLOOH? Ursula discloses, that for clients they explain Volumetric Capture while firstly reminding what is Motion Capture. Provided that, she adds the additional ant the most important advantage of VolCap – realism.  That is it – Volumetric Video is the reality because it records the movement. At the present time, HOLOOH captures the real-time movement with 68 synchronized cameras. The particular set up makes recordings viewable from every side. Furthermore, with this technology, HOLOOH brings the real-time movement into apps and into clients’ phones and Virtual Reality headsets.

Changing the way we experience music

“We wanted to change the way we hear and view music,” said Ursula in her interview. “Once Yodelice, a successful French musician & producer, happily agreed to create a first-ever VR music video, shot with volumetric capture,  we were on an endeavor to create a new market.“ However, at this point in time, the main client of HOLOOH is the fashion industry. In fact, it is difficult to find someone who did not hear or even actually tested ‘Zara in augmented reality’. The project was a massive marketing production in April 2018, which was used in 40 countries. Of course, the campaign was a successful one as many people went to check this app in ZARA. However, not too many people knew that this amazing capture is Volumetric Video by HOLOOH.

Volumetric Capture in our daily life?

So how VolCap could be used in our daily life? Some ideas for using Volumetric Video by CEO Ursula Delaroche-Vernet/Stroetzel:

Fashion – AR Zara app in order to see clothes and models in real movement and the ability to observe it from every point. Or enjoy your own private fashion show at home and feel the presence of the models in your living room.

Music – join your favorite band in VR and be part of the show! Watching your favorite musician performance in VR in front of you; being the part of the scene as also walking around your idol and watching them closely – who would not love that?

Education –  Ursula states – in education, you have to learn from the best and Volumetric Video makes it more accessible. Learn from the best athlete, teacher or actor, captured and displayed as holograms, how to perform any action, sport, industrial maintenance or medical practice among others.

Shopping – at a sports supply store, let the captured vendor sell and show you your best-fit tennis racket. The seller could appear on a smartphone or iPad in real-life size as AR.

Entertainment – take videos and pictures with your favorite star at a photocall, a store or movie theatre. Let the main actor, your idol, walk and sing, pose next to you, just as if he was really there.  


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