Making Volumetric Video more available


After three years of Volumetric Video technology development and research, HoloCap was founded in early 2017 by Stian Børresen and CMO Peder Boerresen. The company was first self-funded, then received government funding and later a private seed funding for selected partners. As it is still a small team, HoloCap plans to expand the number of team members to 10-15 people in 2019.

At this point of time, HoloCap team offers two software solutions to the market:

  1. HoloCap Studio, which is for capturing volumetric video content/asset.
  2. HoloCap Live, which is real-time volumetric video, enabling communication between people in the real world and the virtual world
HoloCap Volumetric Video capture technology for holograms in Virtual Reality
Recording real people the way they are has never been easier than now

The key is the simplicity

The company believes that the best option is to keep workflow as simple as possible.  So, both of HoloCap software are focused to be made accessible: easy setup, no green screen, automatic calibration, and no post-production. The main goal is clear – it is to keep workflow uncomplicated.  The result? 30 minutes of Volumetric Video content takes 30 minutes to make.

Regarding HoloCap clients, most of them just want to get true humans presence in Virtual Reality. Some of them have never heard of the term ‘Volumetric Video’. Well, at least some of them have seen VV demo’s online, so it makes easier for the company to explain how it works. HoloCap also admits, that most companies request to record by themselves, in the city/country of their choice and at an affordable budget.

HoloCap Volumetric Video capture technology for holograms in Virtual Reality
HoloCap goal is to make Reality Capture uncomplicated workflow

How VolCap can be used now?

HoloCap also noticed a significantly higher awareness around the Volumetric Video compared to just a year ago, so the company is more focused on how this technology can solve problems in a better way today, rather than waiting for the perfect Holodeck:

  1. Creating virtual content. For VR/AR/MR/XR to really take off, the whole industry needs a massive amount of cool content. HoloCap and Volumetric Video will contribute to making engaging virtual content.  In summary, this will revolutionize education, simulation, healthcare, social interaction, travel and more.
  2. Memory capture. This is a classic, but members of HoloCap have captured their kids for three years now – experiencing your three years younger kids is like a time machine.
  3. Virtual meetings. The Volumetric Video will change how we meet and travel in the future across the world.
  4. Education and learning will, with the help of Virtual Reality and Volumetric Video, undergo fundamental changes in the not so distant future. With HoloCap, every teacher at every school can record their own hologram and make the virtual education accessible to everyone.
  5. Social. Why meet me when you can meet my hologram first?
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