First Microsoft Volumetric capture studio in Asia opened its door

SK Telecom and Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture is bringing volumetric video to Asia

SK Telecom, the largest internet provider in South Korean announced it has opened volumetric capture studio “Jump”. It is the first Microsoft volumetric video studio in Asia. It is planning to integrate volumetric content with their “T Real Platform”. In 2017 the company launched this product during the Google I/O event. It is an integrated AR, VR service platform which supports most of the platforms including Daydream and Google’s VR. SK Telecom has interlocked ‘T real’, its AR·VR service platform, with Google Daydream to provide opportunities for all to easily create, share, and play the virtual content.


Jump Studio Setup

106 cameras make up the studio which can capture at up to 60 frames per second (FPS). The company is stating that they are using artificial intelligence (AI), 3D processing and rendering technologies to automate 3D modelling and animation of the data. Also, the software is able to compress one minute of volumetric video which is 600 gigabytes into a 300-megabyte file. This files are then being played on any mobile device as an MPEG-4 file.

Jump Studio is aiming to reduce the cost and time which takes to animate and model 3D characters. Instead of spending months on such work, companies will be able to use Jump and reduce it to weeks. Many industries including film, entertainment and games are already using it in their workflow.  ‘AWAKE’ by Start Beyond and Microsoft is one of the recent volumetric capture examples. 

SK Telecom plans to introduce this technology to diverse businesses. They are starting with entertainment, production and advertising companies as well as fashion, health and education. 

‘The Jump Studio team has impressed us with their knowledge and passion in this space, and combined with the reach and resources of SK Telecom, we believe they’ll have a huge impact in Korea and beyond.’said Steve Sullivan, General Manager, Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture Studios. He has also added that their goal is to shape Jump Studio to a leading content creation space in Asia.

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