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Pioneers in the design of volumetric capture technology, 4DViews, provides a complete solution for professional studios looking for the tool required to create holograms for all Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, and Visual Effects applications.

4DViews Volumetric Capture studio

Brief history

Originally founded by Cement Menier (CTO), Richard Broadbridge (CEO) and Florian Geffray in November 2007, 4DViews emerged because two teams were pushing research on 3D reconstruction and multiple cameras acquisition in INRIA Rhône-Alpes research laboratory in France. Teams were working on research, which covered various theoretical domains including computer vision, imaging, filming, and VFX. After a year, on winter 2008, the first dynamic volumetric capture system was sold to the DigiCast studio, hold by Crescent Inc., in Tokyo, Japan.

4DViews now enables to film live action actors in a large capture area

Dynamic volumetric capture

After years of researches and pooling this knowledge-base, 4DViews now can create a dynamic volumetric capture system, which is capable of filming live action actors in a large capture area, and then generating realistic holograms for virtual environments.

4DViews offers ready-to-use technology – after a decade of experience, 4DViews has already explored a large number of projects in visual effects in both virtual and augmented reality and offers a support for many applications and devices, such as Hololens, HTC VIVE, ANDROID&IOS.

Wish to see how 4DViews holograms look, but do not have a Virtual Reality headset? Not a problem! 4DViews offers a possibility to check how their holograms look like in your web browser. With 20 different holograms in their Hologallery, that even includes a dog (Akita) and Santa Clause, 4DViews gives a possibility to see the quality of their Volumetric Capture. 

4DRD, 4DFX and 4DVR

After years of experience and researches, 4DViews offers 3 possible Volumetric Video capture realisations:

  1. 4DRD is a computer vision for volumetric analysis. 4DViews’ team considered many research fields’ constraints and developed easy-to-use dynamic volumetric reconstruction system packages for many computer vision laboratories around the world. 4DViews enables to record a body and tissue movements to generate sequences for 3D visual analysis or any other work. It also gives access to sequence geometry information (vertices) using their SDK.
  2. 4DFX – new dimension of visual effects. It gives opportunity to Volumetric Filmmakers as their technology uses multiple cameras set out around the actors to generate a virtual asset of the sequences filmed. This can be used in any CG production pipeline, offering unlimited options for visual effects, such as: free placement of the actors, free virtual camera viewpoints, scene crowding, duplication of extras, materials and shaders effects and much more.
  3. 4DVR. 4DViews states: ‘Sports performers, music bands, movie scenes; almost everything can be reconstructed in 4D, as long as it fits between our studio’s walls.’ Company’s technology is compatible with current VR, AR and MR devices, such as Hololens™, Oculus Rift™, HTC Vive™, Google Cardboard™, smartphone & tablet applications, or anywhere three dimensions are just not enough!







4DViews supports applications and devices, such as: Hololens, HTC VIVE, ANDROID&IOS.

Volumetric video is essential

4DViews believes that Volumetric Video is essential, as it is the bridge between reality and these mixed or virtual environments emerging with new VR, AR and MR devices. Volumetric Video is a part of a new image revolution and is as important as photography or videography.

Volumetric Video, according to 4DViews, is versatile as it can applied to all current use-cases of classical video:

  • Communication – professional training, holographic communication, volumetric memories;
  • Entertainment – AR theater, MR video games, VR movies;
  • Healthcare – biomechanics, Ergonomics;
  • Art – geolocated MR art performance, unique visual FX.

Certainly, this list could continue as there are so many possibilities and potential for Volumetric Capture.

A decade of experience allows 4DViews to stream holograms into AR

‘When you watch a TV, you’ll need video content. When you watch on XR, you’ll need a Volumetric Video content.’

Indeed, Volumetric Video is unique and essential, because people are not only passively ‘watching’, as they are used with television , but they are also participating – Volumetric Video immerses people in real-time experience when they get more feelings of what is happening. The user in this way is ‘active’, whether it is because the volumetric comes to stimulate the user, or that the user interacts with the volumetric by himself.

New 4DViews project

New project – HOLOSYS

After years of experience in entertainment and XR productions, 4DViews are happy to present their results: new Volumetric Capture system HOLOSYS. It is the first industrialized volumetric capture system, which is a fully packaged product, that includes hardware, software and license. HOLOSYS is designed by 4DViews to be the new generation of camera and is available worldwide to any creative production studios and XR market pioneers.

More information about 4DVIEWS: Facebook | Twitter | Youtube | Website

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